I have developed extensive and varied audio production experience, beginning with operating a PA for for a college coffee house and dorm events while at Calvin College.  After transferring to the the University of Colorado at Denver my audio production career began in earnest after enrolling in the Music and Entertainment Industry Studies program focusing on audio production.  During this time I began working for the university's recording studios and eventually was promoted to the position of Student recording Studio Manager.   After working as an Assistant Engineer at Side 3 Studios, I left for the sunny skies of Seattle to continue to pursue a career in audio production (and experience the best damn sushi on the west coast).

Highlights of my experience include planning and executing to major recording studio installations while Student Recording Studio Manager for the University of Colorado at Denver, incuding the manufacturing of cables, as well as patchbay layout and soldering).  Preforming two multitrack live recordings of John Fishell and recording and mixing a 6-song EP for Denver-based metal band The New Rome (self-titled EP released July 2007).

Samples of my work are available on the following pages, and a full résumé is available upon request. 



  1. -University of Colorado at Denver Student Recording Studio Manager(2005-2007)

  2. -Recording and Mixing Engineer for The New Rome’s self-titled EP (2007)

  3. -Intern at Clatter and Din, Seattle Post-production House (2009-2010)

Currently Listening TO:

  1. 1.Iron Maiden  - The Final Frontier

  2. 2.Thrice - The Illusion of Safety

  3. 3.Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More

  4. 4.M83 - Before the Light of Dawn Heals us